Folder Sync support for High Sierra

Version 2.16 has had issues with High Sierra which has forced a bump in the minimum required macOS version for 2.16 up to Mojave.

Versions 2.16.0 and 2.16.1 shipped to the App Store with their info.plist set to identify themselves as compatible with High Sierra so unfortunately macOS will update to these versions if asked or set to automatically install updates.

  • Version 2.16.2 has been updated to remove High Sierra support
  • Version 2.16.0 and 2.16.1 have been removed from the App Store archives so they are not offered to High Sierra users in error

If you have 2.16.0 or 2.16.1 installed, the App Store should not offer you the 2.16.2 update. If you are experiencing issues with 2.16.* on High Sierra, it is recommended that you roll your Folder Sync back onto and older version such as 2.15.4

  1. You can either restore an older version of Folder Sync from a a local backup if you have one
  2. OR delete the 2.16.* “Folder Sync” from your Applications folder and re-download a compatible versions from the App Store. The App Store should offer you the last compatible version which is 2.15.4 and not a 2.16 version.

Note that deleting “Folder Sync” from your Applications folder using Finder will not delete your saved preferences or Presets. We do not recommend using helper/cleaner apps to delete “Folder Sync” if you intend to reinstall it as doing so may also delete your saved preferences and Presets.

Apologies if this issue has caused you problems.