Folder Sync 2.12.0

Folder Sync Version 2.12.0 has been approved and is now available on the Mac App Store.

The main improvements are

  • Added a single check box option to Sync Preset Editor to more easily filter out .Files and .Folders

We also added a comprehensive Duplicate File Finder

  • Start a new Duplicate Finder tab from the Folder Sync 2, File Screen Menu
  • Search Multiple Folders to locate duplicates within them
  • Use File Name and Size as match criteria or match on File Contents to detect duplicate files with different names
  • All duplicates found are presented in a UI which supports Quick Look
  • Select multiple duplicates found to Delete batches of them
  • Comprehensive preview of all files marked for deletion prior to committing to delete
  • Accidental deletion prevention mechanism to prevent you accidentally deleting all copies of a file found in the search

Documentation updates will come in due course.

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