App Store Reviews

That’s the second one star review we’ve had for Folder Sync 2 claiming the app is useless because the free trial version adds time delays into the sync operation (whilst also making it very clear you can remove these delays by purchasing a subscription or full license).

Because the Mac App Store doesn’t officially support “Trial Versions” we have to use work arounds like Free In-App purchases to provide enough functionality to test the App. For clarity, the free trial lets you copy 50 files with zero delays. After 50, a short but increasing delay is added between every suceeding operation of that sync. These delays are removed completely by purchasing a subscription or license.

The restrictions are simply designed to encourage somebody who has a need for the App to purchase a £1/Month subscription or a full version license which supports the development of the App and encourages us to keep on improving it.

On the App Store, one star reviews are very damaging to an app and we feel it unfair to penalise an App just because it isn’t free. It takes a lot of time and effort to develop the App so if you do use it and consider it useful please consider leaving us a review or rating on the App Store to help offset those who believe everything in life should be free because that just isn’t sustainable.