How do I only show the differences?

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In version 2.7.0 a view mode setting has been added to the Preset Editor and the Toolbar. This provides ability to quickly configure the view mode to display All, Differences or Filtered. The Show Filtered toggle button on the Toolbar also provides quick access to toggle the display of Filtered items.

When in Filtered view mode, the filters specified in the Preset Editor are applied allowing you to fine tune the Preset to exclude files or folders or specific types of items that you specify. Filters are very powerful but can seem a little daunting at first.

I their simplest form, each row in the Filter is essentially a rule used to determine if an item should be filtered out. By default, Folder Sync will add a rule for you to filter out all files where File compare status is same Modified Date on both sides.

This default filter combined with “Filter out empty folder trees” is the same as the Differences view mode.

Filters can be used to filter on item type, file/folder name, dates, sizes etc.