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Folder Sync 2

Building on the success and popularity of version 1, we are continually striving to provide the best visual based comparison app in our class.

The perfect application to

- Assist you with backups
- Sync external Hard Disks (USB, NAS etc) with your mac
- Sync content from your camera’s memory cards with your mac
- Manage and backup music collections
- Countless other tasks ...

Download on the Mac App Store

Requires: macOS 10.12 or newer

Folder Sync 2 is Free to download and trial.
In-App purchases are available to purchase a license for the Full version or to upgrade from a previous version.

See the FAQ for further information


Beautiful clean and modern interface.


Dont let the clean UI fool you, there are loads of powerful features for experienced users.


Proud to be a 100% native 64-bit macOS application.


Work on multiple pairs of folders in parallel.

"We are impressed with the quality of your
product and encourage you to keep these high standards in the future"

Softpedia, Feb 2018

New and Improved

- Vastly improved user interface
- Tabs to allow working on multiple pairs of folders
- Improved outline view display of files/folders
- Simple icons provide feedback without distraction
- Feedback in realtime as files/folders are read 
- Presets are automatically saved
- Presets can be renamed and tagged
- Folders can be set into Read-Only-Mode
- Uses the Trash for deleted files where available
- Support for moving files/folders
- Support for renaming files/folders
- Improved handling of packages
- Improved handling of folders
- Improved handling of empty folders
- Massively improved filtering (using predicates)
- Edit filters on the fly
- Eliminate items from sync using filters
- Manually manipulate filtered items
- Feedback estimated time remaining during sync
- Feedback bytes copied during sync
- Items can be removed within the sync preview
- Predicate based selection system
- Prevents App Nap while busy 
- Partial Compare, delay reading folders
  A HUGE time saver!
- Supports Security Sandbox 

Other Features

- Fast Comparison based on Date and Size
- Excellent preview and feedback at every stage
- Sync any 2 folders you can access using Finder
- Quick Look integration
- Extensive filtering options
- Extensive custom selection options
- Extensive Logging System

Folder Sync Version 1 users please note that Scheduling of Presets is not currently supported in version 2.

Please Contact Us to let use know if you would like to maintain the ability to Schedule Presets so we can gauge demand for it.